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10 Basic Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Web Design Mistakes

Web designing plays a vital role in website development. Sometimes we did not notice the mistakes we made while designing a website which decreases the ranking and visibility of the website and reduces the targeted audience to the website. A website which is poorly designed can take all your customers away and decrease your website traffic whereas a well-designed website directs more customers to the websites and also helps in the growth and development of the Website.

1. Irrelevant And Unclear Images:

The images on the websites say a lot about your website and what it works for. The images uploaded on the website should be clear and relevant to the website because when a visitor enters a website firstly, he gets through the images before reading the text physically.

Blurry and irrelevant images compel the visitor to leave the website. Images on a website give an impression about the website irrelevant and vague images are certainly unimpressive and confuses the client about the website and company. 

2. Difficult Navigation Bar:

Another important thing in website designing is a good navigation bar that is easy to handle and visible because it increases traffic to the website. A navigation bar should be well organized in hierarchy making it easier to operate for the visitors.

A search bar that is hard to find or the website which operates too slowly with lots of irrelevant options turns off the visitor’s attention and decreases the website traffic. The search should be adjusted in a website at a place where it can be visible to the audience.

3. Loaded With Too Much Content

Content plays a pivotal role in the development of a website. A good website should include relevant points and information and must avoid loading it with too much content because reading too much content which is not pertinent might be frustrating for the visitor and force them to leave the website.

Website should include useful information regarding the website and a client understands well about your company by visiting your website. Disorganized and lengthy content can confuse the customers and they cannot get the required information from the website. The content should be organized in a proper sequence so the client could be able to get the required information without wasting much time in navigation.

4. Non-Mobile Adaptive Website

Nowadays a website should be mobile adaptive as well as desktop adaptive to grab the visitor’s attention because it is more feasible for people to use websites on mobiles rather than computers.

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone rather than a desktop and they prefer mobile over desktop. The website should be fully functional on both the mobile and the desktop. It should fit all the screen sizes and layouts.

5. Distracting Advertisements:

All the irrelevant advertisements that pop up in the midst of a website quickly turn off the visitor’s mood. Repetitive advertisements create frustration in a visitor and the website can lose the target audience. Advertisements are mostly paid but make sure the advertisements should be relevant and customized according to the website content and the targeted audience.

6. Slow Page Loading:

Fast website loading is the key to a successful website because today people work at a fast pace and want every info just one click away.

 If a website takes too long in surfing and loading pages it will automatically distract the visitor’s attention and he/she will probably leave the website rather than waiting too long for the website to load. Slow loading causes frustration in the clients and reduces the targeted audience.

7. Not Addressing the Right Audience:

You should be well aware of the website and what it works for. You should address the right targeted audience through your website. Your website says a lot about your company and only a well-designed website can address the targeted audience and grab the customers attention. The website development services Dublin depends on increasing the target audience to a website.

The logo, layout, font style, graphics and content attract more visitors to a website and increase the website traffic. A website with unreadable font, unattractive logos and graphics will decrease the website visibility and traffic. Your logo should represent your website and should address the audience about your website by just the outlook of the website without searching it. A website which is not properly designed cannot grab the audience’s attention.

8. Incorrect Keywords:

The incorrect keywords will never direct the target audience to a website and will decrease the website ranking and affect your search results. A strong search engine optimization requires the correct use of keywords.

 The correct use of keywords enhances the website optimization and increases the ranking of the website. Use of the keywords with long tails will bring out the most relevant content. Because website ranking is based on the correct use of keywords.

9. Outdated Content and Poor Background Theme:

The content should be updated on the website on a regular basis to increase the website traffic. The same old content seems boring to the visitors and withdraws their attention and causes loss of the website traffic.

Good content is the key to successful marketing and website development. The websites with dark backgrounds decrease the visibility and clarity of the website making content hard to read and withdraws the visitor’s attention. A white space background makes the font more visible and increases its readability.

10. Missing Contact Details in The Menu:

The menu should include a help center or contact us option in the menu in case if any client has any concern or if he/she needs guidance, then they could avail this opportunity. It enhances the quality of the website by providing customers with the necessary information or addressing their issues and concerns.

Missing the help center option in the menu decreases the rank of the website and target audience. Because the visitor gets frustrated if they have to search everything and gather all the information by themselves.


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