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Best Personalised Gift Ideas to get in Australia

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When it comes to giving gifts to people, whether it’s a friend, partner or coworker, you can either go all out and shower someone with tons of presents or decide to make someone think to themselves “Ah well, It’s the thought that counts”. While we all hopefully strive to impress our giftee rather than the latter, a lot of people are unaware that there is a third option: A personalised gift.

Instead of spending big and hoping the recipient will like something, the modern world we live in allows so many different ways we can give someone a gift that is completely personalised.

With this article, we hope to give you as many ideas as possible to help you make the right decision when choosing a personalised gift.


A personalised mug is perfect if you are on a budget, as they are extremely inexpensive to get. If you know someone who is a huge drinker of coffee or tea, then do not hesitate to put one of their favourite pictures on a mug. 

Some good examples of custom imagery to be included on a mug may include things like photos of you both together, your children’s drawings, names, custom artwork and anything nostalgic that you can think of. The possibilities are endless.

Some department store chains now allow you to approach a kiosk and order a range of personalised things like photo prints, posters, magnets and yes, mugs.


Another great gift on a budget is socks. Socks are one of those small gifts that you should throw in because of how common and handy they are as everyone wears socks. Getting personalised socks is very easy to do too, as you can often easily get them online. 

With personalised socks, you’ll see people creating lots of funny designs for friends or siblings. One of the most common things you would see on a pair of these socks is the giftee’s face sprawled all over, or some humorous wording.

Many websites that allow you to create a pair of personalised socks often let you also create other items of clothing like t-shirts and pants.

T Shirts

Easily one of the best personalised gifts out there, a t-shirt is a quick way of showing off any sort of design you want. With multiple ways of creating a personalised t-shirt, people have started to even sell them online to people because of how cool and unique some of the creations were. 

The best thing is that, unlike socks or mugs, these t-shirts can be seen by anyone who looks at you. 

Custom Songs

If you’ve ever sat at home one night after jamming out to some music and thought: 

“Damn, I wish I were a musician so I can make songs about whatever I want” then look no further. The difference is, that a custom song uses a talented and proper musician to make a song for you, and you wouldn’t need to do a thing. 

Songly “Takes your stories, memories and feelings and transforms them into a unique, one-of-a-kind custom personalised song.”

These custom songs are often created for romantic partners, for things like weddings or anniversaries, and are given as long term memorable gifts that no one would ever forget.

Ideal for music lovers, custom song creation services often ask you things about what genre, style of lyrics and overall sound you wish to go for. 

The results have been overwhelmingly positive, and many people have been stunned at how some of these personalised songs have turned out to be.

Laser Wood Etching

If you know someone who might be looking for a decoration to hang up in their living room or man cave, then consider going for a laser wood etching.

Incredibly quick to create and produce, a laser wood etching takes literally any 2D image and uses laser technology to burn it into a piece of wood.

This gift is usually popular with men, as they tend to go for their own custom signs and plates to put up inside a man cave.

You would be surprised at how incredible some of these laser etchings manage to be too, and the owners of these businesses have seen a lot of profit these recent years. 

Phone Cases

Since everyone has a phone, there are definitely a significant number of those who tend to leave their phone naked. Not only can it be a bad idea – leaving your phone much more vulnerable to being damaged, but it can often just leave your phone being painfully bland and just flat out boring. 

This is weird because everyone these days is just completely glued to their phones, which is another reason why you should consider choosing one. There are many different types of cases to choose from, like silicone rubber, hard plastic, metal, leather and flip cases. Like the other items on this list, you can put any image you wish on it.


This time on the pricier side, a custom wedding or engagement ring (or even any ring for that matter) is something to give to someone when you want to emphasise that you have thought of true material value. 

Getting a custom ring for someone is not something to take lightly, as a ring is something that you don’t just return or decide to get rid of. 

There are lots of beautiful rings to get. Custom rings are a very popular gift for women, as you would often see men lashing out a lot of money for their significant other. 

High-end metals and gemstones are what make these rings so valuable. You would often have to book a formal consultation with a ring designer, and explain what sort of setting, thickness, gemstone, etc. you want on the ring. 


Showing that you made an effort to give someone a completely unique and personalised gift shows that you are very dedicated to your relationship with them. As mentioned a couple of times, a lot of the gifts on here are fairly inexpensive to get, but the cool thing is that they never appear cheap because of how surprisingly unique you can make them.

And for the classy picks of this list, a personalised ring or a custom song is sure to win the heart of anyone you give them to.


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