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Budget-friendly soap packaging ideas

Soap Wraps

Soap-making is a quickly thriving business with an increasing number of vendors in recent years. It is something that you can do in a small workspace or even in your house on a very small budget. If you are looking for a small home-based business that is full of creativity and fun, you should consider making soaps. Today we will talk about how you can pack your soaps using easy and inexpensive soap packaging ideas and techniques.

Why soap packaging is important?

Soaps are fun to make but also require a lot of time and hard work if you want to turn soap-making into a full-time business. All your hard work will go to waste though if the packaging is not worth it. You need to make your custom soap packaging attractive and good-looking to lure your customers. Customers like to get soaps with their favorite flavors and fragrances and the packaging should be able to correspond to it. Another important purpose of packaging is that it can inform the buyers regarding the contents of the soap. All these aspects are met by good packaging, and it is also a great way to promote your brand.

Use of soap packaging boxes

Soap packaging boxes are a great way to pack your creative soaps and are available in various prints and designs. But the downside of their usage is that for a small business owner, they are a comparatively expensive option. You would have to get a custom-made die and printing for your exclusive packaging which adds to the overall packaging cost. Another disadvantage of using soapboxes is that you cannot experiment with your soap shapes. For instance, if you want to make a soap with different dimensions or a unique shape like round or hexagonal soaps, soap packaging boxes can limit your options. You will have to order a new packaging for every soap you make and that will highly increase your budget.

Other Soap packaging options

Soap packaging boxes are not the only option for soap packaging. You can play and experiment with soap-making ideas however you like with the use of alternative packaging. Custom soap wraps give you more freedom for the creativity and design of your soaps. They are a much simpler and cheaper soap packaging option that you can go for. Also, you can select custom soap wraps of your choice to complement the aesthetics of your soap. You must also consider the amount of protection that they give the soap along with enough space to include product details.

Soap wrapping with paper

Custom Soap wraps are a great way to present your soaps economically and with style. There are multiple options of custom soap wrapping paper that you can choose to complement your soaps.

Printed paper

You can get printed wrapping papers with beautiful designs as your soap packaging. Many soap vendors use wrapping papers with floral or leafy designs for homemade soaps that signify their natural contents. Printed wrapping paper show creativity and give a visually impressive appearance to the soap.

Kraft paper

Another option for custom soap wraps is Kraft paper that you can use to pack your soaps. Kraft paper is brown and is made from the wood pulp of trees. It gives a very simple yet classy look to the packaging and is perfect for homemade soaps. Another plus point of Kraft paper is that it is very sustainable and resistant to a considerable amount of damage.

Holster boxes

Holster boxes also known as half boxes are an option that is somewhat a combination of box packaging and custom soap wraps. They have a design that covers only the bottom half portion of the soap. It is a packaging box that can both give protection to the soap and also let it be visible to the customers in the most evident way. It does not cover the soap completely so that you can showcase the soap on the shelf with style. Since they are simpler in design, they are much cheaper than wholesome soapboxes.

Soap sleeves

This is another very unique way of packaging the soaps with minimal use of the material in a budget-friendly manner. The sleeve is a simple flap or sheet of paper that you can roll around the sides of the soaps and attach with gum. The placing of the soap sleeve is in such a way that it comes at the central part of the soap. Custom soap sleeves are a great way to incorporate product information on the soap most simply and inexpensively. There are several options of material that you can use to make a soap sleeve easily by yourself at home. Some of the most frequent items for making soap sleeves are the following.


Cardstock is a thin and flexible yet sustainable material for making soap sleeves. You can get unlimited types of printing patterns on this material with ease. It is the most popular material for making soap sleeves

Kraft paper

Kraft paper as we know already is a very sustainable and environment-friendly material. Brown or printed Kraft paper makes the soaps look very basic and homely. The best thing about Kraft material is that it minimizes the risk of land pollution.

Corrugated paper

Corrugated paper is easily available for wrapping and packaging materials. You can easily get it in paper and packaging shops and cut it to make your soap sleeves. The corrugated paper has a zigzag or curvy design that looks very attractive and unique when you use it as a soap sleeve.

Labels and tags

Custom soap wraps and soap sleeves are comparatively simple and offer less space for writing information and details regarding your brand. However, you can add certain simple items to the packaging to incorporate further information like the logo or brand name. Stickers labels are easy to make and print in large bulk and are a great way to add useful information to your soap wraps. You can also attach small paper tags with the help of string or ribbons to complete the look.

Importance of Soap packaging

Nowadays, soap packaging has become essential in our industry. Due to the widespread pandemic, everyone prefers clean and dust-free soaps. Soaps that are packaged cleanly are preferred. If you have a business of soaps, then this part is for you! The first step is to impress your customers with eco-friendly soap packaging. Companies usually ignore the importance of attractive packaging. They think that manufacturing is much important than other things. Though they are right. Simultaneously, packaging plays the same role.

It increases the product worth in the buyer’s mind. Packaging helps companies to retain loyal customers. Soap packaging can protect your soap from external harmful conditions. It can also bring a boom to your sales. Customers always get attracted to the soaps which are intricately packaged with vibrant designs. You can also print useful information about your soaps on the box. Moreover, it also increases the shelf life of your soaps. So, don’t waste a minute. And spend some amount on the packaging of your soaps. This is how you can make your brand the topmost one. Prefer eco-friendly, pocket-friendly packaging options. They are cost-effective so you won’t have to spend your money on expensive packaging solutions.







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