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Carpet Cleaning Tips – DIY Traps to Be Apprised Of


Cleaning a carpet is a skill that’s only done by experts. Don’t spoil the shine and look of your wonderful carpet with cleaning machines, it removes some particular dirt only. Let the experts do this job. We understand the importance of keeping carpets clean and sanitary. That’s why we’ve invested in the best expertise, the most efficient cleaning technologies, and the latest equipment to provide professional carpet cleaning services. 

We’ll share some Melbourne carpet cleaning secrets and tips to keep your home elegant. Regular carpet cleaning doesn’t just make your carpet cleaner but can also contribute to healthier home surroundings.

Use the DIY carpet and rug cleaning solutions and get rid of the allergens and dust mites residing in between the rug fibers.


1. Smaller is More

As soon as we spill something on our carpets, our immediate response is to pour as much water on it as possible and scrub it as hard as we can. Not only do you run the risk of exposing your carpet to extra liquid which may in time lead to ground growth, but you’re also not doing the stain any favors. When you scrub madly, you’re actually pushing the stain deeper into the carpet’s fibers. Instead, we recommend just catching a white clean cloth, apply a little bit of lukewarm water, and either just dab on and around the stained area.

2. It’s Safer If You Don’t Search for New Top Ideas

With the majority of Google’s top search results for DIY carpet cleaning approaches, you’ll see that a lot of them contain references to using baking powder. Although this can be effective in some cases, more often than not, people will apply large measures, so resulting in permanent damage caused by left behind baking powder. This final result looks more worst than the original one. The bleaching agents in some baking powders can bring about this excess discoloration which is why it’s always recommended to first test it out on a discreet spot. The main issue with testing this out first is that many people don’t have the persistence to sit back and watch in case it was really ruinous or not!

3. Stay it Out

It’s easy to say but believe us, if you have an accident on your carpets, use a damp, white clean cloth gently. Thereafter, avoid touching this spot and book a clean with your local professional carpet cleaners.

With Stage 4 restrictions looking likely to be eased, booking your following carpet clean may not be too far away. Having the patience and waiting a little longer can save you a lot of money and headaches if your DIY methodology goes south.

However, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to one of our professional cleaners today, If you would like more information regarding our steam carpet cleaning services. As we mentioned before, Stage 4 restrictions are looking likely to be eased soon, so we can organize a time to book you in around the demand we’ve had post-lockdown carpet cleans.

You can either call us on 03 8712 1886 / 0433 013 095 or simply click HERE to book an online cleaning service.



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