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Electrical safety measures that should be taken by all organizations

electrical warning signs

The electric hazard warning signs keep the people safe and are a must for any facility. From rudimentary drawings used to designate poison to the nine symbols, providing recognition of the hazards associated with certain substances, these hazard warning signs have come a long way. 

The electrical warning signs protect the staff, visitors, and any contractors on the site. These safety signs are made to ensure that both employers and employees understand the main risks and avoid any mishappening shortly. 

Electrical Hazard Warning Signs:

The construction sites, factories, and farms using high-voltage electrical equipment or cables are common in any building or location where electricity may pose a danger. The text and color of the signs vary, but the pictures that represent them are universal. 

The Aussie Safety & Civil Supply Co is one of Australia’s leading online retailers of site safety boards in Australia that brings a wide range of electrical warning sign solutions to highlight electrical danger areas and protect workers, visitors, and clients on a site.

The reasons why electricity-related injuries occur:

Poorly maintained electrical equipment.

Faulty wiring.

Overloaded outlets.

Excessive use of extension cables 

Using live and damages equipment

Usage of water near an electrical source

Defective equipment, unsafe installation, or misuse of equipment are the most common causes of electrical hazards in the office environment. Under the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989), the employees need to ensure that their premises are safe for use and do not pose any threat. In addition, they must ensure the maintenance of all electrical equipment on site.

The office workplace must ensure that the following things are always kept in mind so that the workplace becomes a haven for everybody who is working and visiting the place:

  • The electrical equipment selected for workers should be safe for work and used for their intended purpose.
  • The electrical equipment must have gone through the necessary checks before being used within the premises. 
  • The electrical equipment must be properly installed and maintained by a qualified person.
  • The equipment should be regularly inspected for faults and should be isolated immediately if any faults are found. A qualified electrician must then repair these faults.
  • The live parts of the electrical equipment should not be accessed within normal use. 
  • The employees should be provided with all information and training on electrical safety and the correct use of electrical equipment.

Different ways how electricity-related accidents can happen within the premises:

Electrical cables that have exposed wires.

Rattling plugs.

Electrical equipment that has a burnt odor.

Overheating equipment that is not overheated in the normal operation.

Overloaded extension cords.

Usage of Equipment that is not working properly.

How to safeguard your place from any electrical accidents:

When you ground the electrical instruments, it creates a low-resistance path that connects to the earth.

Grounded instruments help you avoid getting any shocks and eliminate the chances of any electrocution. 

Grounding is an additional protective measure that further reduces the risk of electrical hazards.

When you guard the electrical instruments, you make sure that they are enclosed so that people do not come in direct contact with them.

The exposed electrical wires must be guarded, and the electrical connectors must be used. 

Whenever you are servicing the machines, make sure you disconnect the machines. 

Minimize the use of extension cords as much as possible. For example, avoid plugging two extensions together. 

Leave the wires open, i.e., do not cover power and extension cords with rugs and mats.

Avoid plugin anything that has a missing prong.

It is always advisable that one should never use equipment with wet hands

Always bring a qualified electrician if the electrical equipment goes wet.

Never overload the sockets; for multiple connections, always use a power board.

Electrical mishappenings can happen to anyone at any time of the day. It’s always advisable to stay cautious and avoid overloading any equipment to prevent any accident. It’s always advisable to put electrical signs wherever possible that clearly states, identify and warn if the hazard can cause injury or death or damage property.


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