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How to Create a Marketplace App That Similar to Uber and Airbnb

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As we discuss developing and on-demand apps, we frequently refer to the names creating waves in the industry. And in this essay, we’ll discuss two apps that we’re all familiar with Uber and Airbnb. From the debut of on-demand solutions for individuals, these major firms have made much money.

The prime reason for their rapid success is the intelligent utilization of on-demand applications. Therefore, they are now emerging as market leaders in their relevant industries. But, a slew of new apps has hit the industry to compete. As a result, it has led to the expansion of all on-demand applications.


And it is not just these huge businesses that are now eyeing on-demand apps. Small and medium enterprises are showing a keen interest in it as well. So, if you are a business looking to create an on-demand app, you are at the right place. We will discuss how to create an on-demand platform similar to Uber or Airbnb in this post.


Points To Keep in Mind If You’re Creating an On-demand Application Such as Uber or Airbnb

If you’re creating an on-demand app similar to Uber or Airbnb, you’ll need to consider the services that go into it. Regarding an effective on-demand platform design, understanding the ability to build an app for distribution is insufficient. Before you begin, there are a few things you should consider.

– Don’t Come Up with An Identical Idea

The worst thing you can do is create an app with the same services as a market giant. Let’s be honest for a moment. If you take that road, the giant will blow you out of the waters in the blink of any eye. Also, you can’t accommodate or provide a similar setting to all of your consumers at once. 

Since they presently have an app that does the same purpose, they would be utilizing that app rather than your one. So, you need to deliver a robust solution that can help you stand out in the competition. By only providing answers to difficulties can your company achieve suitable prosperity. 

So, you must first comprehend the million active users to offer an on-demand platform. Then, it will help you dive into an untapped market—the types of clients who will interact with your area of industry, as well as their motivation.

Identifying Your Niche 

Understanding the market segment in which you operate is one of the essential things to perform. It would not only help you identify a market but can help you dominate it as well. Therefore, identifying your niche and positioning your brand as a prominent leader in that field is the most crucial stage.

No one knows who your customers are or how you will engage with your brand before doing anything. So, what you need is research to have a glimpse of their mind. Before you begin developing your platform, you must first comprehend your consumer database. 

Be thoroughly knowledgeable of your potential audience’s characteristics as well as the issues that they may face. Moreover, you should be able to come up with innovative responses to their difficulties. Finally, evaluate your target market and determine where you are in the pre-developing process.

To thrive, you must understand your customers’ requests and have a complete understanding of your app’s development cycle. This is where you’ll need to know about behavioral segmentation. It’s critical to understand your consumers’ wants and needs, as well as how to capture their behavior.

– Expecting Too Much from The Start

One of the most common blunders that businesses make is expecting too much from the start. They try to please all of their clients at the same time. There is no doubt that no matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone. And that is why you can expect to start with a bang. 

Nobody can rule the world at first, and only a few can provide value-like services. You must realize that launching an on-demand service for the first time will necessitate numerous reviews. These reviews will keep you up to date about the views of the audience. If you comprehend and work through them, you will need to update accordingly.

Consider The Strength and Geography of Your Software Development Team

Once you have the idea of what you want to build, now is the time you focus on making it. With that, you would have a question in front of you that you need to answer. Of course, that question is how to hire a software development team? Usually, for you, the answer would be a simple one. 

You would put out an ad for a job opening, hire personnel and then look for a bigger office to accommodate them. But there is another approach that many businesses are using for quite some time now. This approach consists you have to partner with another company for your project. 

Both of these systems have their pros and cons. So, if you are dwindling over which one to choose, you need to put your requirements to see if any models fit them. Then whichever does, you can go for that particular approach. 

Hiring an in-house team would give you much more control and authority over your team, that’s for sure. But it would cost you much money. And if you are a startup already strapped for cash, this option would not be feasible. 

On the other hand, a development company will give you relief from all these expenditures. Also, you would not have to worry about hiring or firing anyone as the company would be responsible for it. Though there aren’t any drawbacks to this system, it can be challenging to manage a remote team. 

In the end, there is no correct answer to the question. It all comes down to the need of an organization. So, it would be better that you sit down with your team and discuss all the options. Only then would you be able to make the right decision.

Identifying The Type of App to Develop

There are two types of app that developers usually look to develop. One of the is PWA (progressive web application), and the other one is Native applications. It is as per your requirements to choose either one of them. 

Server apps for advanced web applications run in an internet browser. Thus, people can undoubtedly profit from the capability of an app while not needing to download it via the play store. For example, let’s say you have an application that solely works in an internet browser. 

So wouldn’t need to install the application from the store if you’re a user in the exact location. This is the definition of a progressive web application.

On the other hand, the other option that is available to you is Native apps. Whenever you talk about native apps, you’re mainly talking about applications for Apple and Android. Progressive web applications have several benefits that native apps do not. 

Because they have immediate accessibility to the functionality of the smartphone, iOS and Android apps function well. On the other hand, this activity can be performed straight on the cameras, geolocation, or even mics and storage. However, these apps are expensive since software assistance and updates are necessary regularly.

The Cloud Infrastructure Used to Build On-demand Applications Such as Uber or Airbnb

The biggest reason for the success of these two apps is the technology stack that they use. So, it is better to take their lead on this one. Among the main significant characteristics of an application is its geolocation. Geolocation is a feature that aids in the discovery of crucial parts and their implementation. 

You can send a notification to the user’s phone number once they’ve authorized the on-demand service to order items. Another key significant feature to include in your app is the push messaging function. Push notifications are appropriate interactions from various platforms that necessitate the use of multiple technologies.

There are many other features that you can add as per your target audience’s requirements. There is always room for innovation. Who knows, with a bit of invention, you can do wonders for your business.

Wrapping Up 

With that, we conclude this article. Though there are many things still left to cover, this article will give you a general picture. It would be aiding you in your journey to build an app like Uber or Airbnb. 

But it would be a much wise decision to go for the best marketplace application development services to stand out in the competition. Of course, it can be tricky to build an application like this. But with the help of the experts, there is a much better chance you are making it ranks of these big names.


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