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How to Create an Animated Presentation?


When the infographic becomes a video, it is called an animated presentation or Motion Graphics Video,

What is an animated presentation?

An animated presentation is a clip of variable duration, basically not too long, thanks to which to transmit a message to your target (or buyer persona) in a simple, clean and effective way, making sure to keep the user’s attention high (thanks to a series of visual / narrative gimmicks) from the beginning to the end of the animated video.

Animated PowerPoint presentation

The animated video can also be simply a PowerPoint presentation with dynamic elements. The program offers various possibilities of “handling”. The important thing is to know how to correctly balance the static and dynamic parts, creating a sliding whole capable of capturing the attention of your audience. As you prepare your animated presentation, never forget that all the messages you write must be clear and understandable, always. In any context and from any person, even outside your target.

Animated videos

If you are looking for something more than an animated PowerPoint presentation, you can create a real video. There are online programs to download that allow you to make it, whatever your level of technical preparation. Thanks to these programs you can choose from a series of pre-set layouts or create your own 2D and 3D animation from scratch.

Always try to stay consistent with the Tone of Voice of the company or brand the video is talking about. You can choose according to this criterion and according to the target, whether to create a presentation with slides and animations, an animated video in 2D or one in 3D.

However, you decide to make it, it is useful to follow a method, to avoid skipping basic steps and saving time (if you want to get into the merits, you can consult this guide, in which we have also collected many practical examples).

Video animation programs

As we have mentioned to you, creating your animated video or your animated presentation can be very simple thanks to numerous different programs depending on your level of preparation. Let’s see some free ones.


Thanks to its simplicity, PowToon is practically perfect for those who don’t perfectly chew the question of videos and animations. Intuitive interface and simple tools will allow you to create totally customized presentations or to use pre-existing default templates to refine according to your needs.

Go Animate

If you want to create an animated video starting from photographs or illustrations you already own, this program is the one for you. Simple to use, but most of all free.


If you need to talk about numbers and data without boring those who will have to watch the presentation, this program is for you. Simple and intuitive, it allows you to create really interesting and engaging presentations.


At the base of this program is the customization of everything you want. Each presentation will be truly unique thanks to the ability to customize each element, from characters to shapes and colors. Create a unique story and tell it like no one has ever done.

Video is the king

These were just some of the many programs with which to unleash your creativity and create an effective presentation. Then there are those entirely online and professional paid ones, depending on your needs. In any case, always keep in mind that the most effective format for conveying your content on the web today is video. Undoubtedly also the copy (titles, subtitles, tables etc.), when it is animated is more interesting. This is why, in terms of communicative effectiveness, we recommend that you focus more and more on dynamic, simple and straight to the point content.


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