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The Importance of Pipe Relining: Why Should I Consider Pipe Relining?

Pipe Relining

Repairing pipes is perhaps the most challenging home improvement task. The first notion that comes to mind when you have a plumbing problem is to replace the pipes, and pipe replacement is a typical method of treating plumbing issues.

However, fixing damaged pipes is a costly and time-consuming task. Fortunately, there is a better, easier, and less expensive way to repair broken pipes, which is pipe relining.

Pipe relining is a relatively new technology, and many are unaware of it. Professional plumbing companies can help you understand why old pipes are a problem and how pipe relining can fix them.

When is pipe relining used?

Pipe relining is a good alternative for residences with poor soil quality, where excavating for pipes is impossible. It’s also suitable for homes with pre-structured pipelines beneath landscapes that are either costly or difficult to dig up. Because it does not harm the quality of your soil by excavating, this approach is considered a safe solution.

Because flexible materials are used in pipe relining, they are used to fix slanting or curved (up to 90 degrees or more) pipelines. Pipe relining is effective where there are a lot of cracks and leaks, such as pipe angles and bend portions. After the repair, the pipeliners will be able to reach through and provide a consistent flow of water.

Signs that pipe relining is needed

There are many warning signs that let you know in advance that your pipes need to be relined.

1. Low Water Quality

If the quality of your water suddenly dips, it implies that you need to get your pipes relined. Foreign objects in your pipelines because of rusted pipes that allow dirt or pipe clumps into your drinking water, causing long-term health issues.

  1. Sludge from the Bathtub/Shower

In a shower or bathtub, soap scum, hair, and grime all go down the drain. However, they can be pushed back if the pipes aren’t working properly. Pipe relining will assist the pipe system in maintaining its structural balance and last longer.

  1. Bad Odours

When your pipes are falling apart, all kinds of things can get into the system. Foreign things such as tree roots, dirt clods, pipe shards, and even bugs or rodents enter the pipe system and can clog it. As these objects decay and remain stagnant within the pipe system, they emit an odour. Pipe relining cleans out the pipe system, resulting in a cleaner environment for you to live in.

  1. Water Backup

If you see increased water backup throughout the house, this is the most common reason that requires pipe relining. Back-up pipes indicate blocked, collapsed, or other obstructions in pipes that prevent the safe flow of water.

Backups may be a sign of a blocked pipe rather than a need for pipe relining, but if the pipe has deteriorated to the point where it has collapsed in on itself and obstructed the system, relining is required.

Benefits of Pipe Relining

Here are five good reasons to hire a pipe relining company.

Less Damage

The number one advantage of opting for pipe relining over pipe replacement is that there will be minimal disturbance to your residential or commercial property. IronClad Plumbing Blue Mountains offers cost-effective and high-quality plumbing solutions for all Blue Mountains residents.

Conventional pipe repair and replacement techniques require a lot of digging. It is common in garden areas, lawns, and even sidewalks. Even after completing the repair work, the accompanying mess necessitates additional overhead for cleaning and fixing, which increases the cost of the procedure. Hence, it becomes more expensive and time-consuming as a result of this.

Hence, when you select a no-dig pipe relining solution, you avoid damaging your property while saving money.

Prevents Root Intrusion

Tree roots might get in your underground pipes, causing problems. Pipe relining solutions completely seal your pipes, eliminating the possibility of leaks or tree roots intruding into the pipe space.

The epoxy liners are seamless, stronger, and longer-lasting, completely sealing the gaps and cracks in the pipes and offering a permanent solution to pipe problems.


The cost-effective pipe relining solutions, a professional plumbing company can offer, are strong selling points. A no-dig pipe relining technology is far more cost-effective than age-old traditional repair techniques.

There is no need for expensive equipment or time-consuming procedures to cover up the aftermath of what would have been a highly intrusive undertaking if digging is to a minimum. Cleaning, filling, and maintaining the space after completing repairs is thus less expensive and more helpful to the project’s overall success.

Durable and Reliable

The material used in pipe relining services is solid and long-lasting, and it’s also durable and economical. The majority of manufacturers provide a fifty-year warranty, and it is because using the traditional method has a lower lifespan than relining pipes using the no-dig method.

In every way, this makes a pipe relining investment considerably more worthwhile and rewarding. The inconvenience of engaging in this process is less, and the result is more reliable and long-lasting.

Increases Flow Capacity

Epoxy liners do not have the problems that standard cast iron, clay pipes, or concrete. These conventional materials have a rough texture on which calcification deposits can easily and often form, weakening and constricting pipe flow.

Good pipe relining services use epoxy liners, which have smooth interiors, eliminating flow blockages. This smooth surface improves flow capacity while also cleaning your pipes that last longer.

Pipe relining serves a clear and simple purpose. It’s a technique for repairing pipes that have been subject to corrosion, leakage, or cracks due to tree roots. Compared to whole-pipe replacements, pipe relining is more cost-effective and less disruptive.

It’s easy to see why pipe repair and replacement options are required, and many property managers continue to put off pipe repairs to the point where things become unsafe. It is because, while it’s easy to recognize the need for timely pipe repairs, deciding whether to repair or replace them may be stressful and time-consuming.

For many property managers, this is an unduly significant financial investment. As a result, a new no-dig pipe repair technique called pipe relining emerged to protect property owners’ rights.

If you are looking for the best pipe relining services for your home or office, go for the professional plumbing company the Blue Mountains that offers a non-invasive drain repair and drain pipe relining solution for both your residential and commercial pipe relining solutions.





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