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Instinct Education CEO Connor Marriott Shares Polarising Take On $20 Billion Online Coaching Industry


“Most coaches are not entrepreneurs.” A bold statement, but when broken down, it seems to hold quite a bit of truth. We sat down with the originator of this idea, Connor Marriott, CEO of Instinct Education, to dig deeper into his theory.

Marriott explains that while coaches have an exponential amount of value to offer their clients, they often lack a systematic approach and strong organisational skills that are needed to make a business thrive and for their clients to truly succeed. While they have a wealth of knowledge, understanding and empathy, they often lack the entrepreneurial traits that are needed to create a well-rounded company.

“To be a good coach, you must possess strong interpersonal skills and the ability to really understand people. Quite often, this means that these individuals are more right-brained, and naturally lean toward a more creative approach, rather than a structured system. But when it comes to a successful business, you need both.”

Instinct Education is an online education company who offers an all-in-one approach to creating and scaling a successful online business. They specifically cater to coaches and those working within the online education industry.

It is a common occurrence for an individual to become qualified in coaching and get excited to start working in the industry they are passionate about, only to come across roadblock after roadblock. And, with the internet being a marketplace full of promises from marketing companies and individuals who ‘have the key’ to success, it is no wonder people become overwhelmed and unmotivated to continue.

Instinct’s aim is to eliminate that issue for people. Their unique offer to their clients is to increase their client base and significantly increase their income within a 12 week period. During this time, everything from building a high-ticket offer and attaining leads and nurturing them, to closing sales and onboarding clients is covered in detail. Once each client’s goal has been achieved, Instinct offers monthly mentoring in order to then scale and expand each business according to each business owner’s unique long-term goals.

“Our goal as a company is to transform the coaching industry. Connor’s goal from day one has been to attain a 100% client success rate. With each month that passes, we get closer and closer to that goal. We won’t stop improving and upgrading our processes in order to make the journey as seamless and efficient for our clients as we possibly can.” says Hayden Harrison, Instinct’s Marketing Director.

Instinct is quickly changing the online coaching industry with their unique outlook and take on business. After speaking to several members of their team, there seems to be an overall sense of candour and transparency. Based on several client testimonials, one thing that you can expect while working with Instinct is to be given the cold, hard facts. They don’t believe in fluff, beating around the bush, or going about things in a PC manner. “The goal is to achieve results, and sometimes that means facing some harsh truths in the proces.”, says Harrison.

Scepticism is, of course, an understandable and common reaction to face when it comes to potential clients. We spoke with Georgia, Instinct’s Head of Sales, to get a gauge on how they deal with scepticism given the amount of scams and false promises out there. Georgia responded with, “Because I know and have witnessed the changes that our program makes in people’s lives, my confidence is unwavering, and I believe that also translates across when I am speaking to people. The one thing I often ask when faced with scepticism is, ‘We are confident in what we offer. We know our systems work. The question is, do you?’”.

Despite the straightforward, no-nonsense approach that the team undoubtedly gets from Marriott, it seems to contribute positively toward the general client experience, with the word ‘refreshing’ being mentioned several times in their online community and throughout their testimonials.

“To be quite frank, most businesses selling programs out there have a goal. And that goal is to get you over the line. That goal is to make a sale. What happens after that sale? Well, that depends on the integrity of the business owner. That’s why I love working for Instinct, it feels  great to truly believe in the work you are doing, knowing that it changes lives.” says Sarah, Marriott’s EA and Operations Manager.

“Furthermore”, she continues, “Strategies are always changing. New and improved methods come and go. What makes us stand out is less about our current strategy and more about the core focus of Instinct. When I first started, there was a phrase that was drilled into me by Connor, and that was ‘Do the Basics Better’. I highly resonated with this and after working alongside him for a year and a half, I can see that this truly is the basis on which the entire program is built. You can’t have a house without a firm foundation. Translated into business terms, you can’t run a successful business without ensuring that you are doing the essential steps correctly and effectively. From that steady foundation, growth naturally follows.”

We are all aware of the huge societal changes that are taking place right underneath our noses after the worldwide pandemic. That many more people are deciding to quit their 9-5’s and work for themselves, not only to follow their passions, but to also enable a steady and reliable source of income that is not dependent on the moods and circumstances of an employer. It is during times like these that a system is needed in order to allow individuals to be able to make this transition in a much more predictable and efficient way.

Instinct Education is now in the process of hiring several of Australia’s top coaches to join the team and the mission of training clients to become more skilled in their craft. It is through improving the skills of the coaches themselves, and aligning them with the systems required to achieve ultimate client results, Instinct aims to bridge the gap between being a coach, and having a great coaching business.


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