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Moving to a New City? Following your move, make sure to complete the 13 tasks listed below.


Removalists Sydney would help if you were overjoyed to have finally moved into such a lovely new home.

You almost certainly spent significant time before moving day, ensuring everything on your moving house checklist was completed. But what happens once you’ve arrived?

Not to worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve put together the ultimate checklist for when you move into your new home.

You will quickly feel at ease and enjoy your time there.

After moving into a new home, several tasks should get completed as soon as possible.

Relax! You probably believe that there is never enough time to unwind.

On the other hand, the day of the move can be stressful. Take your time exploring and settling into your new neighborhood.

Do not relax just yet; there is still a lot to do.

1) Check that all of your utilities are up and running.

You should be fine following our moving checklist to the letter! As a precaution, make sure that all utilities are operational. The three significant utilities are water, natural gas, and electricity. Double-check that the cable and internet are both working.

Locating the main water valve and the electrical panel would be best. You never know when you’ll need more water or electricity. Avoid the panic by looking for the main water valve or fuse box.

2) Keep your home neat at all times.

You should thoroughly clean your new home before you start frantically unpacking boxes. You can easily reach those out-of-the-way areas that do not require extensive cleaning after unpacking and arranging your belongings.

Gentle Giant Removals & Relocations provides various cleaning services, ranging from a quick, professional sweep to a thorough sanitization if necessary.

3) Abandon the Fundamentals

It is recommended that you unpack the most important items first to avoid feeling overwhelmed on the first day.

Bedding and bathroom supplies should ideally get labeled; if they aren’t, look for the boxes containing these items. It is critical to make your bed and prepare it for sleep to have a comfortable resting place when you are exhausted.

Towels, toilet paper, and other shower necessities should be brought with you if you decide to shower after a long day.

If you’re short on time and need everything unpacked immediately, our Removalists Central Coast can help.

Check out our fifty packing tips for moving if you still need help packing and still need to start unpacking.

4) Protect

One of the most important tasks after moving into a new home is to make it secure and safe. Consider the following suggestions to make your home as fast as possible.

Changing the locks when you relocate would be best to ensure no one else can enter.

  1. a) Secure the windows and fix any that don’t close properly or are easily pried open.

Install smoke detectors and test their operation.

  1. b) Locate and place fire extinguishers in strategic locations.  

Ensure you have a well-stocked first-aid kit and enough supplies to treat unexpected injuries.

  1. c) Ensure that everyone in your household knows where to go in an emergency.

Install a security system; the peace of mind gained by installing a high-quality security camera system is worth the investment.

  1. d) Make your home as secure as possible against children and rodents. It is critical to lock up any weapons or medications, install guard rails on the stairs, and remove anything else that could pose a threat in the home as part of this process. 

5) Connect all major appliances.

Now is the time to connect your major appliances, such as the refrigerator, washer, and dishwasher.

The priority is to repair the refrigerator so that you can begin stocking it with food. However, it would be best to wait a few minutes after moving the fridge into the kitchen before plugging it in. For the oils to distribute evenly, they must sit upright for at least three hours.

6) Disassemble

Finish packing the remaining boxes that still need to be consolidated.

Fill the empty spaces in your home with objects to make it feel less open.

Decide when the garbage will get collected again.

You may only think about trash once it’s too late and your bins are groaning under the weight of empty boxes and other moving debris.

Determine when your trash will be collected so your bins can be placed at the kerb the night before.

New Central Coast residents can determine their collection day by entering their addresses.

7) Please notify me if your address has changed.

Through Service NSW, you can easily update your address on government-issued documents such as your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

Remember to inform them of your new address. Putting on a memorable housewarming party necessitates ensuring that your guests can reach you and find your new home.

8) Get to Know Your Neighbors and Find New Favorites

People from various backgrounds tend to congregate in one or two places. You must make new friends if you’ve recently moved to a new town or city.

You’ll need nearby amenities like a hospital and a reputable school district. Finding a good coffee shop or a stylist who consistently makes you look presentable may be more difficult.

9) Adorn.

Finally, now comes the exciting part!

Create a welcoming home to put your self-proclaimed refined aesthetic to the test. Paint, new furniture, and perhaps an art purchase?

Experiment with it and let your inner decorator shine. As soon as you move in, create a home where you will enjoy spending time.

10) Interact with the locals.

Your new neighbors are an excellent source of advice and direction as you settle into your new home.

Make some new friends at the party, and you’ll be the center of attention in no time.

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