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The Simple Reason Many Australians Could Face A Tax Return Delay.

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Australians who intend to get their tax return quick smart have been advised to avoid one simple mistake.

Australians have been advised to avoid a modest mistake that could delay their tax return.

According to the Australian Taxation Office, a lot of folks forget to include all sources of income, which is the number one reason tax returns and reimbursements are delayed.

“We know people are willing to get their hands on their tax refund. As we had over 172,000 individual 2021 tax lodgments on July 1,” assistant commissioner Tim Loh said.

This is typically done by mid-July but as of Covid, some citizens will have to wait until the end of the month.

Mr. Loh repeated that people must contain and declare any income that hasn’t been profiled.

“By granting more time, your return will be easy, speedy, and, significantly, more accurate. By preventing mistakes, we’ll be able to manage your refund faster,” he said.

During tax time nine out of ten Individuals get refunds. While we typically get these out in under two weeks, it may take extended if we need to address any mistakes and possibly adjust your return.”

Each year the ATO has to adapt more than 230,000 tax returns utilizing third-party data.

The second most frequent reason for tax return delay.
The ATO not getting where to send the refund because taxpayers haven’t updated their bank account details.

When can I do my tax return in Australia in 2021?

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