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Top 5 Shisha Bars and Hookah Lounges in Australia!

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Australians have a lot of interest in the shisha experience, but their options are limited. People of all ages in Australia are growing more and more interested in smoking shisha. It’s important to know where to consume shisha in Australia in order to get the finest experience possible!

We have gathered the top 5 best shisha bars and hookah lounges in different regions of Australia that you will fall in love with!

So without further ado, let’s begin!

  1. Majnu Shisha Bar and Lounge

Located in the city of Melbourne, Majnu Shisha Bar and Lounge is the topmost place where you can enjoy shisha in different flavours. To please all taste buds, shisha comes in a range of flavours including cherry, apple, mint, snowberry, pineapple, peach, and double apple. When you want a break from dancing, head into the cozy atmosphere of the lounge area for a more laid-back setting. Come by, unwind, and soak in the unique atmosphere. Majnu is undoubtedly a late-night pub and smoking lounge where patrons may let loose on the dance floor.

If you are tired from smoking and dancing, you can also enjoy yourself by playing a game of snooker here. Undoubtedly, Majnu Shisha Bar & Lounge is the best destination for high-quality shisha and authentic food in Melbourne!

2. Mint and Co.

Mint & Co., tucked away just off vibrant Lygon Street, must be seen to be appreciated. Mint & Co., a company created by a group of friends from various ethnic origins, blends their common passions for cuisine and traveling into one unique experience. The food is Middle Eastern Fusion with a contemporary Australian touch, and there are many selections to please everyone. Even while the cuisine is excellent and 100% kosher, the main attraction of this shisha lounge, which has a completely retractable roof, is the contemporary Arabian courtyard designed in Dubai! Enjoy a variety of fruit heads and other Al Fakher shisha tobacco tastes this season at Mint & Co. 56 University Street, Carlton VIC 3053.

3. Shesh Besh

You may have observed that more establishments in Perth, Australia are developing to provide hookah lounges, such as the Shesh Besh, which is one of Perth’s largest hookah lounges and is likely your new favourite place to enjoy shisha. For those who enjoy the flavour and feel of the Middle East, the menu offers a wide variety of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. If you’re in the mood, there are also plenty of additional options including Kaftas, Mixed Grills, Shawarma, Prawns, Chicken and Lamb Plates, Fateh, Potato Chips, and Rice. In addition, each week they offer a special dish that is recognised as the special dish of the week.

4. Kazbah-Darling Harbour

Nothing could be more enjoyable than savouring mouthwatering Middle Eastern flavours and dishes while taking in the harbour’s breathtaking scenery. Kazbah-Darling Harbour provides a broad selection of shisha flavours, including herbal shisha, a tobacco-free substitute that comes in flavours including mint, double apple, mixed fruit, strawberry, and others.

5. Two Hands Rooftop Bar Eatery

This is not only a hookah bar; it’s also an incredible restaurant and event venue with a breathtaking view to experience with your friends. Two Hands Rooftop Bar Eatery has two levels: one outdoor rooftop space and one that would be ideal for a beer garden (where you can get some fresh air). You may choose from a wide variety of beverages and meals to go with your shisha, including pizzas, burgers, and Japanese deep-fried chicken.



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