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4 Ways to Customize E-Liquid Cartridge Packaging

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As an e-liquid maker, it’s essential to consider every aspect of the end-user experience. Whether you’re selling directly to consumers or wholesaling your product to vape shops, you want your business to be as appealing as possible. It means not only having a top-notch product but also packaging it well.

There are plenty of ways in which you can ensure your product stands out on shelves and in display cases (see our previous blog post on the subject). Still, one element that can really add a layer of uniqueness is customizing your vape cartridge packaging.

  1. Why should you customize your vape cartridge packaging?
  2. Aesthetics are important but consider the vape experience too
  3. How can you make your packaging stand out?
  4. How can you make the most of customizing your packaging?

Why should you customize your vape cartridge packaging?

If you want to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace, one of the best things you can do is offer customized packaging.

As the vape cartridge market heats up to cater to seasonal peaks such as Fall Fashions Day and Halloween, there’s certainly an opportunity to approach the e-liquor space and implement custom sales. As of right now, 90% of juice and nicotine vape stores only carry branded products, with the bottom line of 80% of respondents stating that customization would encourage them to order from a company if working with their favorite juice brand wasn’t an option. Obviously, it may be a winning approach to move beyond the basics in a more competitive market and become slightly more customized.

Beyond the basic factors of what kind of carton to use, what should be included in the bottled e-liquid itself, and what visuals you can incorporate, there are numerous ways you can give your customer a really great product at a great price. Anyone who’s seen Monster Energy gum will naturally think about the wrappers that come included with that product (the really awesome kind) because they really are a great duo to wrap your product in.

Another big advantage to customizing your vape carton can be when it’s time to sell a new one. Pop up at your local vape shop and talk to the salesperson about what you’re looking for.

Aesthetics are important but consider the vape experience too.

Vaping is about more than just looking good. The flavor, throat hit, and vapor production are all part of the vaping experience. You want to make sure that your vape has a good aesthetic so that you’re proud to show it off, but you also want to make sure it’s satisfying to use.

This guide will show you how to pick the right type of cart for your vaping needs and give examples of different types of e-liquid and their packaging.

The choice is all yours: choose between a refillable e-liquid cartridge or a reusable dropper. Whether you’re marketing your products as a DIY e-liquid or a dietary supplement, this guide will show you all the different components of your product, how they differ, and what kind of bottle they require.

So this guide comes with an important caveat: it’s possible that your e-liquid doesn’t have all of the correct ingredients listed on the bottle or that there are added ingredients you don’t recognize (but that are listed on the ingredient list anyway). In this situation, it’s highly advisable to consult a professional, such as a pharmacist or a dietitian.

This lock is a bit more complicated to use, but it can be extremely effective. Take an extra step by securing your cart to something solid — benchtops work well — but remember, if you’re using plastic bottles, this isn’t necessary. There is a cost associated with this extra security, but the added safety comes at a small sacrifice.

How can you make your packaging stand out?

You can make your package stand out by adding special effects. Special effects not only make your package stand out but also help you differentiate your products and make your packaging more memorable. Special effects can be used in the following ways:

Flavors add sensory effects to your e-liquid by using special flavorings, such as strawberry, lemon, cucumber, and mint.

These flavors not only make your e-liquids taste great (and provide an alternative way for people to taste-test your nicotine levels), but they can also play into overall health trends like the powerful cucumber flavor, which contains over 40 different active compounds that produce better effects on blood sugar.


Use innovative ingredients that are unique to your product to make it stand out from your competition.

Key wild card ingredients that could be included in your product package, such as stevia (which is usually derived from sugar), can also be beneficial for consumers who are trying to cut back on their sugar intake.

Some manufacturers are switching to customizable labels in an effort to cater to the various tastes. This can be done through the custom label system or through labeling your product with specific details (such as percentages of flavoring). For example, if you offer a strawberry flavor, you could label your product with these percentages:

5% strawberry flavoring

0.1% strawberry extract

0.2% total flavoring ingredients

The percentage percentages on this label can help you stand out from your competitors — just remember any amount less than 0.2% is not something an average consumer is going to find in their food.

How can you make the most of customizing your packaging?

If you’re going to go through the trouble of creating custom packaging, it should stand out on the shelf. Custom packaging is a great way to show your customers that you care about them and their experience with your product. It’s also a great way to help your brand stand out from the competition.

Since the beginning of the vaping revolution, vaping companies have had to contend with the fact that traditional cigarettes don’t bite very well, delivering a discouraging and unpleasant experience for vapers. A reason for this is the volatility of propylene glycol (PG). Although PG is a known flavor enhancer and is often used to give food a buttery taste, it’s especially harsh when it comes to vapes due to its higher glycerin content and volatility.

Consequently, to satisfy the needs of vapers, manufacturers jerry-rigged many types of products to create impromptu cartomizer coils. These coils were then wrapped around small pre-made or custom-made vape cartridges.

When used with a puff button connected to the atomizer head, these coils gave the user more control over the flavorings used within their vaporizers, effectively mimicking the techniques used by professional cigarette smokers who preferred e-liquid with a fuller range of flavorings.

Although vape cartridges are no longer required for new users to get started vaping, the practice of creating these coils remains a popular DIY alternative to those looking to replicate the unique flavor experience of cigarettes.

While there are many advantages to vaping with custom-made cartomizers and coils, it is also important to emphasize that no two vaping devices are alike. Manufacturers vary in their cartomizer coil and cartridge designs based on their preferences and the preferences of their consumers.


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