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Top 10 Places to Visit in Jodhpur , The Blue City of India

Places to visit in Jodhpur
Places to visit in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is considered one of Rajasthan’s most visited visitor sights, specifically due to the variety of factors that may be found right here. To help you choose, we’ve created a listing of locations to go to in Jodhpur It has temples, fortresses, palaces, gardens, markets and extra to explore in Rajasthan.

Rao Jodha, from the kingdom of Marwar, determined the metropolis in 1459 whilst he started to develop the great Mehrangarh citadel. Although Mandore turned into to begin with the capital of the city, Jodhpur speedy has

become the capital of Marwar. The entire metropolis has been constructed in and across the fortress with a sturdy demographic enlargement around the metropolis in recent many years. Thanks to the strategic function of the city in the Gujarat belt in Delhi, the town has benefited significantly from trade and business, making it one of the most prosperous cities in Rajasthan. We can see the riches through the exclusive palaces, temples and other structures scattered across the town. To visit Jodhpur you can hire a taxi service in Jodhpur. Jodhpur is one of the predominant cities of Rajasthan and the fine time to visit Rajasthan is between October and March every yr.

1. Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort is certainly one of the biggest forts in India and the second biggest in Rajasthan. You may be enchanted via the size of the castle. Located on the top of a hill at a top of 410 feet above the town under, the citadel sits on the pinnacle of a hill, which extends over a place of ​​5 km. You can attend the numerous royal courts, palaces, and temples within the castle. Make sure to go to the museum right here for its extraordinary display of guns, artifacts, garments, paintings, palanquins and different such things from the Rathore clan. Chamunda Devi temple is one of the most critical holy locations in Jodhpur.

2. Umaid Bhawan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace is the maximum lovely palace in Jodhpur and possibly also in India. After Buckingham Palace within the United Kingdom, it’s far the biggest non-public residence inside the global with the royal family of Jodhpur still residing there. However, part of the building is managed with the aid of Taj Hotels as a luxurious motel in which a number of the world’s maximum critical occasions take vicinity. Located on Chittar Hill, the palace has almost 350 rooms in overall and these days acquired the award for the excellent luxurious hotel in the international from a TripAdvisor journey enterprise. All of this without difficulty comes to the list of the ten best visitor sights and locations to visit in Jodhpur.

3. Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada is the resting area of the Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, built with the aid of his son Maharaja Sardar Singh in 1899. The massive cenotaph is built with thin sculpted marble sheets, specially designed to emit light when sunlight falls on the shape. A lawn with several gazebos and a pond whole the complex. In addition to the main cenotaph, three extra were constructed over the years. The major cenotaph includes photographs and art work of the diverse heads of the city. Now the region functions as a cremation web site for participants of the Marwar royal own family.

4. Mandore Garden

Mandore Garden is a lovely place to explore in Jodhpur. It is one of the oldest gardens inside the metropolis, built over 1000 years ago. Part of the historical kingdom of Mandore, the lawn has several royal structures and a lake within the middle. It is the proper area to spend quality time faraway from the busy metropolis lifestyles and find yourself in a friendly atmosphere. Here you spot not handiest the stunning gardens but also the first rate structure. You also can see the numerous historic temples there.

5. Lake Kaylana

Kaylana Lake is an artificial lake constructed via Pratap Singh in 1872, masking a place of ​​84 km2. In historical instances, the area had palaces and gardens constructed via two Jodhpur leaders but become later destroyed by Pratap Singh and his men to meet the wishes of the individuals who lived there. Jodhpur, a metropolis near the Thar wilderness, has constantly had a shortage of water and consequently this lake changed into created. It’s a pleasing region to go to due to the fact the lake is lined with igneous rock formations on every facet. The lake attracts water from the Elephant channel, which is related by using the Indira Gandhi channel.

6. Rao Jodha Desert Park

Rao Jodha Desert Park is a blanketed herbal area positioned some kilometres from the Mehrangarh fort. The park was created in 2006 to repair the ecology of the region surrounding the fortress. Once a natural habitat for rock-loving wasteland animals, it changed into now crowded with an invasive thorn bush, Baavlia. The undertaking turned into to ease up the Baavlia and make the vicinity appropriate for animals to thrive again. Today, the place has the fine flora possible for semi-arid areas, inviting wilderness animals to take safe haven there. You can go to this place after travelling the fort and perhaps get inspired to do something much like nature.

7. Clock Tower

The clock tower is a famous vacationer attraction at the Sardar market in Jodhpur. Thanks to its iconic presence, it’s miles one of the 10 great traveler locations and places to visit in Jodhpur. Maharaja Sardar Singh built the marketplace and the clock tower in the course of his reign. It is one of the easiest places to find in Jodhpur and consequently has a large market surrounding it. Here you could buy distinctive fabrics, jewelry, marble inlays, crafts and much more. You can take a chunk in memory of the incredible Rajasthani lifestyle.

8. Chamunda Mata Temple

The Chamunda Mata temple is one of the top 10 traveller attractions and places to look in Jodhpur. Located on the southern give up of the Mehrangarh Fort, it has grow to be a famous pilgrimage website in Rajasthan. Maharaja Rao Jodha added the Chamunda Mata idol in 1426 when he changed his base in Fort Mehrangarh and constructed a temple there. Thousands of people visit the temple every 12 months, mainly in the course of the Dussehra competition. Chamunda Mata is taken into consideration a shape of the respected Durga deity in Hindu lifestyle and consequently the temple is witness to many activities.

9. Balsamand Lake

Lake Balsamand is a really perfect picnic spot placed simply 5 km from Jodhpur. Like Kalyana lake, it is also an artificial lake and changed into constructed as a water source for the Mandore humans. The dimensions of the lakes are 1 km long, 50 m huge and 15 m deep. Over the years, the royal own family has additionally constructed a summer time palace on one of the seashores of the lake. The lake has lovely plant life across the pomegranate, guava, mango, papaya timber, and many others. You can see peacocks and jackals right here pretty without problems as they deal with the lake as their domestic.

10. Bishnoi Village

Visiting the village of Bishnoi is a totally different enjoy for any traveller. The fantastic experience you may have right here makes it one of the top 10 traveler sights and places to visit in Jodhpur. One can go on a safari in the village to look how the locals live. You can also prepare meals with the locals and take them with them later. There are many things to learn from them to maintain the environment around them and life respecting nature. Guda Bishnoi lake is a famous location now not only for vacationers but also for animals that come there to drink water and relaxation inside the shade of the timber surrounding the lake.

Rajasthan is a state in which you may enjoy the wealthy Indian history in all its splendor. Moreover, Jodhpur is a metropolis that offers life to the revel in. Rajasthan holiday programs would be incomplete without a visit to the Blue City, The town of Lakes & Mount Abu

How to Reach Jodhpur

From Jodhpur railway station or Jodhpur airport, you can hire a taxi rental in Jodhpur and you can go to explore the Jodhpur.


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