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Get a professional checkup for your drainage problems through the efficient Cctv drainage investigations

Cctv drainage investigations

Is your backyard overflowing with water, and it’s hard to detect the problem in the drainage system. Even your local plumbers find it hard to know exactly what problem lays ahead with their bare eyes?


When you need the CCTV drainage investigation to know the root cause of the problem and find an immediate solution to it, it’s then. 


A drain survey is the in-depth investigation of the drainage system by using high-end CCTV cameras inserted in your draining system. These cameras can send in the live situation of the drainage, which in turn will help the plumbing engineer identify the issues present. 


Simply put, you can see what is going on beneath the house without actually breaking or flooding the house pipelines. How cool does it sound! Isn’t it?


Do you need a survey only when something goes broke?

  1. No, why wait for a situation when you can be assured before! Make sure you arrange a survey of what’s beneath the house before you shell out the money to purchase it. Then, you will be able to understand the precise condition of the drainage system and what repairs are needed to avoid any unforeseeable event in the future. 
  2. A thorough investigation can also tell whether the problem was already present or arose over time due to the tenant’s carelessness, which will make the person responsible liable for the actions. 
  3. A quick survey will allow buyers to make a fully-informed decision before they sign any contracts.


What is the process of CCTV investigation?

  1. If you live in Brisbane, call the nearest drainage company and arrange for a survey.
  2. After the necessary discussion with you, the drainage engineer will set up the necessary surveying equipment.
  3. They will then set a CCTV camera to access the drains along with other suitable equipment.
  4. The drainage engineer will study the conditions of your drains to identify any damage or blockage in the system. 
  5. The camera is self-leveling, and you can judge the sewer yourself through the color pictures available. 
  6. After surveying the conditions of the drainage system, the engineer will report the findings of the survey back to you and inform you of any repairs or works that are required.
  7. A CD recording is taken and can be uploaded to Youtube for easy viewing.


What are the probable things that might be causing the system blockage?

  1. Drain surveys deliver an extensive, thorough review of your drainage system and can identify any of the following issues:
  2. Collapsed drains
  3. Tree root ingress
  4. Blockages
  5. Causes and extent of leaks/bursts in pipes
  6. Corrosion and wear and tear
  7. Animal intrusion
  8. Evidence of displacement or poor installation 


Which part of the house is likely to get blocked?

  1. Toilet
  2. Sewer line
  3. Stormwater drains
  4. Sewage overflowing in the yard
  5. Gurgling kitchen sink
  6. Laundry tub 
  7. The vanity basin, shower, or bath.


What equipment do I need to set up the drainage system?

  1. Waterproof camera: That operates under flowing water and provides a clear image without causing itself any damage.
  2. Access Rods: That can push the cameras further down the drainage system.
  3. Crawlers: That can provide quick visual access to sewer systems.
  4. Sonar Units: That provides insight into the condition of the filled pipes. 


Clean drains have several benefits that remove food particles and debris that are trapped in drains. Getting a professional cleaning at least once a year will make your place hygienic and avoid any heavy loss in the future. 


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