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What Are the Types of Handle Boxes that Are Perfect For Packaging?

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The handle boxes are one of the best options of packaging solutions. They come with handles that are attached to the boxes with the help of some adhesive. These handles are either manufactured from a similar material as the box or some other material. The handles are strongly affixed at the top of the box so that they can help in the easy carrying of products. You can make handle packaging from all kinds of boxes. Here are some types of boxes that are considered perfect for packaging.

Cube packaging boxes

The cube packages are one of the most common types of handle packaging boxes. These boxes come in a cubic shape, as the name depicts. They manufacture materials like cardboard, cardstock, or corrugated stock. The materials are durable and sturdy options that have enough strength. So they help in the production of effective packaging solutions.

These boxes are used for the packaging of all kinds of materials. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can customize the cube handle boxes in Australia in any design. Besides this, you can also opt for custom placeholders or inserts in them. These things help in the perfect packaging of the products. When these boxes come with handles, they provide so much ease to the users. People prefer them because they can easily carry their products in these boxes from one place to another.

Chinese takeout boxes

The customization option allows you to make any kind or type of box. This way, you can also make Chinese takeout custom handle boxes. Bakery and food businesses use a cake box with handle for the packing of food items. Besides this, you can also make the boxes in custom sizes and designs. This way, you can help in the perfect encasement of the eatables inside them. You can pack Chinese food like noodles, gravy in these packages.

Moreover, some businesses are also using them for the effective packaging of cookie dough, French fries, and whatnot. You can laminate the boxes with beautiful finishing coats that also make them moisture and heat-resistant. This way, they are considered ideal for the packing of food items because they protect eatables from getting stale.

Pillow boxes with handles

You can buy handle boxes in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Pillow packaging is one of the cool and popular designs in which you can get the handles attached. These handles are often made out of some soft fabric. They provide handy control over the package. Such boxes are a good solution for the packaging of any kind of item. People use these boxes to encase the dress, clothes, jewelry, notes, and whatnot.

The pillow boxes have distinctive shapes. They recognize the pillows, which look very cute when they are printed with top-notch technologies. You can print these boxes with beautiful designs, patterns, and even personalized artwork. There is an option through which you can use these boxes for the effective marketing of the brand as well. So, you can display brand-specific details on their surfaces so that people get to know about them.

Favor boxes

The handle boxes wholesale is an option that opens so many possibilities for you. Companies provide these options to gain more customers. This option allows you to get bulk orders of packages in customized shapes and sizes at cost-effective prices. You can modify them into the favor boxes. These boxes pack goodies like chocolates, candies, and even other items as well. People distribute them on the occasions like weddings, engagements, bridals showers, baby showers, etc.

You are allowed to add multiple layers in these boxes for safety concerns. The extra layers will provide resistance and rigidity to the box. For products, they will act as a cushioning material, so they do not get damaged upon shocks.

Moreover, the attached handles help in the easy holding of items. You can print the boxes inti effective color combinations that match the theme of the event. Apart from this, if you are packing skincare products for bridesmaids on the bridal shower, then you can also go for custom inserts. These inserts will help in the excellent accommodation of items and make sure that products stay safe and secured.

Toy packaging boxes

You can use the printed handle boxes for the packaging of toys. These boxes are highly durable because they pack expensive yet delicate toys inside. Businesses print the surfaces of the boxes with toy-related graphical illustrations. Besides this, these came in a variety of shapes and sizes according to the nature of the packing toy.

For example, the car toy is usually packed inside a car-shaped box that has a die-cut window. This kind of box allows product visibility and lets the targeted audience see the features of the toy. Through this strategy, the targeted audience, that is, the kids gets more inclined towards the products. The handles on the boxes allow the easy carrying and holding of the toy and make sure that customers do not get tired. That is why the handle box is considered a safe yet suitable option for product packaging.

There are so many kinds of handle boxes from which you can choose the one according to the need of your product. All of these packages provide some kind of ease and comfort to the audience. They are pretty long-lasting and durable solutions. Businesses use these boxes because they are cost-effective as well as sturdy packaging options.


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