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Google page experience update is now rolled out.

Google page experience

The page experience rollout is completed now, together with updates to Top Stories mobile carousel. Changes to Google News app have happening to roll out as well and will be done in a week or so.

Google confirmed that it completed the page experience update rollout today. This contains the updates to the Top Stories carousel on mobile search, but the Google News app changes won’t be made for a week, confirm by google reps.

Google started rolling out the page experience update on June 15th and told us it would be accomplished by the end of August 2021. It publicly was not done before the end of this August and has about a calendar week more to go, but it is mostly done.

As a prompt reminder, you should not have seen huge ranking variations in Google Search for this release. This was a slowdown rollout and Google initially said do not expect radical changes: “While this update is intended to feature pages that offer great user experiences, page experience continues one of many factors our methods consider.

Do not mix up with core updates. Do not obscure the page experience update, that applies core web vitals as a signal, with core updates. The core updates are felt more in times of ranking variations by sites in Google Search than would this page experience update.



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