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HIFU for Face Slimming 

HIFU for Face Slimming 

With age, collagen fibers, which play a key role in supporting the appearance and structure of the skin, slowly but surely begin to disappear. HIFU for face slimming is a procedure during which the ultrasound energy can penetrate deep layers under the skin and stimulate collagen production and initiate the natural healing process of the skin.

Over time, HIFU for face slimming can produce new, healthy, and strong collagen in the skin as well as induce many other positive changes in your appearance. Because the process of skin rejuvenation in HIFU for face slimming occurs naturally and takes advantage of the body’s own mechanisms, the results will start appearing gradually.

The ultrasound waves used in HIFU for face slimming can make the process of skin tightening and fat tissue lift possible. Therefore, this procedure can be an ideal treatment to improve the appearance of the face and contour a chubby face.

In many cases, HIFU face slimming may be used in combination with other treatments. To begin the treatment, the patient is usually given oral analgesics and local anesthetic creams are applied to the cheeks, chin, or neck so that the patient’s pain during the HIFU face slimming process is very low and quite tolerable.

Note that HIFU treatment for face slimming is a non-invasive procedure that is used to correct the condition of the deep layers of the skin without causing problems for its outer surface.

How HIFU Face Slimming Is Done

HIFU fat reduction is a safe treatment that can also be applied to the face. In HIFU for face slimming method using an ultrasound device, by creating a high temperature, the machine practically causes the underlying facial fats to loosen and melt. In a HIFU face slimming procedure, ultrasound waves penetrate to a depth of 4.5 mm and burn fat and stimulate cells and collagen production. HIFU for face slimming can be done on all areas of the face, especially for slimming the chin or removing a double chin.

HIFU Face Slimming Side Effects

As mentioned before, in general, HIFU for face slimming does not cause any problems for the skin and face. But the possible side effects may include redness and swelling of the face after the procedure, which is a minor nuisance and will disappear within a few hours after HIFU face slimming.

One common concern among those who intend to do HIFU face slimming is the pain they are afraid they are going to experience. Although the procedure does involve some pain, but most people will find it manageable; you also need to bear in mind that creams or gels will be applied to the area before the therapist begins the procedure to minimize whatever pain the client might experience.

HIFU for Face Slimming After Care

In order for the results of HIFU face slimming to be more lasting, you need to pay attention to the pre- and post-procedure care tips. These include the following:

  • Let your therapist know if you have platinum in your body
  • Do not use cold water compresses after HIFU for face slimming
  • Use topical medications and ointments prescribed by your therapist carefully and on time
  • Avoid strenuous exercise that causes the body to sweat for a few days after HIFU face slimming
  • Do not sunbathe before or after the procedure
  • Do not use exfoliating creams and lotions for a week after HIFU face slimming
  • Avoid alcohol, and creams and lotions containing alcohol


How Long Will the Results Last?

The results of HIFU face slimming are not going to be permanent. These results are long-term, but how long they will last depends on many factors. These factors include your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and so on.

HIFU for Face Slimming Cost

HIFU for face slimming cost depends on many factors. These factors can reduce and increase the cost. The type of device used, the center where it is done, the condition of the client, etc., are all among the factors that can change the final cost. The cost will usually be determined at a consultation session with a specialist.

What Causes a Chubby Face?

There can be many reasons involved. Some of these reasons are listed below for which you may be able to benefit from HIFU face slimming procedure.

Overweight and hormonal-related obesity are the most common causes of having a chubby face, that is why having a large and round face is common among obese people.

Genetic background: Some people have chubby faces due to inherited factors from their parents.

Improper diet: A diet that lacks some of the essential nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and beta-carotene can make a person’s face look bloated and fat. Excessive consumption of foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates causes obesity as well. Excessive salt intake also exacerbates this situation.

Water retention or swelling: Some heart, kidney, and liver conditions cause water to accumulate in the body. If this happens to your face, you will have a swollen and chubby face as a result.

Medication: Taking certain medications can cause obesity and temporary redness on the face.

Allergies: Reactions to a variety of allergies such as pet skin and hair, insect bites, sap, pollen, etc. can give you a puffy face.

Mumps and swollen salivary glands: People’s faces with these conditions will inevitably look swollen and large.

Insomnia and stress: People who have insufficient sleep or a stressful life, will begin to sport a tired and puffy face.

Other conditions include alcohol consumption (dehydrating the body and forcing it to store more water), dehydration, and hypothyroidism (causing a swollen face, weight gain, constipation, dry skin, and fatigue.

Bear in mind that HIFU face slimming may not be the ideal procedure for some of the conditions listed above. Always make sure you consult an experienced therapist before making any decisions about HIFU for face slimming.

Final Word

People will always be looking for safer and more effective ways to lose fat and look better, especially in the face area. HIFU face slimming is one of the least invasive ways to slim and shape your face. This procedure is performed with the help of ultrasound waves and leads to fat loss without any bleeding or injury.

So, if you are looking for a safe and secure face slimming procedure, HIFU can be one of the best options possible. Even in a comparison between HIFU and Botox, HIFU will definitely prove to be the less invasive method to achieve skin rejuvenation.

HIFU face slimming procedure does not necessitate a period of recovery and you can easily return to your daily routine after the treatment. The treatment will not leave any wounds and has been introduced as one of the safest ways to rejuvenate facial skin and make it look better.



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