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The Surprising Benefits of Fascia Manipulation Technique: Natural Botox


De-stressing with self-care is much better than a shopping spree.

Face and body massage are being loved by women like Heaven. We love it even more if the products are natural. After all, it takes away worries of hurting our skin for the sake of temporary pleasures.

No matter if we’re living an advanced lifestyle, the skin & body treatments have still opted organic. Let me tell you, I have a thing for natural ways that bring glowing skin back to life. They’re far better than quick treatments that may impose potential health risks later.

Natural skin rejuvenation is still under research. While into skincare, women also show concerns for anti-aging products to feel their skin young and fresh forever. Eastern perspectives believe in age-locking by slowing down the blood circulation in the given area. This is possible with treatments like Allergan Botox. Let’s see what aging does to the skin. Nutrient-rich blood circulation and detoxifying lymph slow down. As a result, sluggish skin-cell turnover increases.

Your skin feels ‘stagnant’ as you age. Help your skin to breathe with skin care treatments that do more good and less harm. The gates for injectable, as well as natural alternatives, are both open. You may choose to continue with one or both, it’s your wish!

Natural Face Rejuvenation – What are the Benefits?

  1. Facial Foam-rolling

Foam rolling on the face is nothing but a type of self-administered myofascial release. It’s the magic you will love to see happening with your face.

Roll your face gently applying the foam. The target areas are fascia and lymph. As you roll the foam on your face, these two main points loosen and move.

If you’re reading about lymph for the first time then let me tell you that it is the most underrated circulatory system. Lymph shoulders the responsibility of detoxifying waste at the cell level. This could be just one amazing benefit of lymph pampering. It has abundant, I repeat, abundant benefits.

When the facial muscles hold tension, it’s difficult for lymph to make free movements. Hence, waste cannot be discarded as it should be.

What you get is dull skin, blackheads, and stubborn hyperpigmentation.


Superficial fascia, the layer of connective tissue under the facial skin, is a vital supporter of your skin. It gives the same lift, tone, and tightness to the skin and offers similar benefits to people as they fantasize to buy Botox online.

If your superficial fascia has issues, it carries tension and adhesions that lead to blood circulation blockage and lymph troubles.


  1. Do-it-Yourself Facial Fascia Massage

For women who have already applied Botox, especially if it is freshly done, we recommend to not massage over active acne.

This technique only requires a few drops of essential oil for the slip and glide. No need for expensive oils, you can pick the one you use regularly. Use the flat fingers of your hand for gently massaging your face & give support with opposite hands.

Start with one side at a time. Massage that full side and repeat the steps for the opposite sides too. Make sure that your movements are slow and focused on gently stretching the skin. Keep breathing slowly & relieve your stress.


Here are the steps to do Fascia Facial Massage:

  • Start with a free-foam massage of the face, neck, and scalp with a focus on the tension areas. Notice the tight areas of the skin. Consider the deep circles, neck, shoulders, jaw, and temples.
  • Massage your neck all over, including the front and back. Just be gentle on the delicate fronts of your neck.
  • Breathe in and out and think about the calm you’re getting with this massage.
  • As you start with the forehead, support with your opposite hand when the working hand glides towards the temple by applying medium-pressure only. Do it on a repeat more as it feels good.
  • Next, move down the face, one section at a time. Support in the mid-face should not be lost.
  • Once the left or right side is done, feel the change. See if your skin feels tight, firm, or released.
  • Repeat these steps on the other side.

It seems so tempting to pamper yourself with this relaxation technique in the middle of everyday chaos. Fascia Facial Massage Technique is in trend and we are impressed!

Meanwhile, women are also inclined towards the benefits of Careprost.

The Bottom Line

Facial Fascia Massage technique has incredible skin benefits like skin texture improvement, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and relaxes muscular tension on the face. Additionally, it helps in lymphatic drainage and removes dead skin cells too.

Does it feel like an endless beautification opportunity that’s truly natural? If yes, why don’t you go with the flow and feel the change you always wished to see with your face.


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