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World’s Top 7 Well-Known Mobile Phone Apps


You may barely find a person nowadays without a smartphone and a smartphone without an app. Smartphones have become a necessity of human life and apps make the smartphone more worthwhile. However, the number of smartphones and apps is hugely great from which a person can select and can own them according to his or her choice. The demand for both these things is greatly high and if you are willing to do a job or business related to them could be a great idea to go for.

However, app development is one of the high rising fields nowadays which could nicely help you out in this regard. It is the field with the help of which you can earn a great amount of income. In order to learn app development, you will be required to be well educated. It can be learned in less than a year and help you make money throughout several years. However, these are some of the world’s known apps from which you can take an idea about what type of app you should create.


  • Facebook


Facebook is the most installed and famous app all around the world. Its overly outstanding features make this app more appealing and captivating. In order to get benefitted from its calling, video calling, and chatting service, you will need to install its connected app which is known as ‘Messenger’. Due to its huge audience, Facebook has become a great platform for placing advertisements. It will help you run your business greatly and if you are running an online business then this app is highly recommended for you. Creating an app like Facebook is a good idea but not an easy task.


  • Uber


Uber is a greatly used traveling app that helps in making you book a taxi by making just a few clicks. The existence of this app and its company is highly beneficial for the ones who do not have any vehicle and have to rely on other transport in order to go out somewhere. Uber has brought relief to their lives and through this app, they can go anywhere without any worries. However, with this app, you will have the choice of picking up the type of cars like whether it be a huge car, a small car, a luxurious car, or any other. In order to create a taxi booking application like uber, you will have to manage a proper setup for providing the services as uber does or you can also create such an app for companies as well.


  • YouTube


Not only you but almost everybody from all around the world might already be familiar with YouTube. Whether they use this app or not but might have heard this app’s name once in their life. With the help of this app, you can learn and watch anything in the world. This app has also become a great source of earning money nowadays. For doing so, you have to create a paid youtube account and make captivating, beneficial, entertaining, trending, or other types of videos through which people get attracted to your account. Youtube has the policy that you have to gain up to 1000 subscribers in order to get your account nominated to become paid account.


  • Instagram


Like youtube, you can earn money through Instagram as well by gaining a good number of followers. According to Instagram, you may need to have about 1000 followers in order to earn through your Instagram account. However, if you are an Instagram user already, you may find out that it is usually based on glamour and beauty. So, it would be great to make such posts there as people will find it more interesting on Instagram.


  • TikTok


Tiktok is basically an entertainment app which people usually used to install in order to make their mind fresh and relaxed. You can earn through this app as well by gaining more than 1500 followers. However, when your followers will increase, your pay will get increased eventually. But it is of great importance to keep your TikTok content entertaining or beneficial and not problematic or argumentative.


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